Minimize The Risk Of Buying A Pre-Owned BMW By Getting One At The Big Motoring World Group Limited.

Minimize The Risk Of Buying A Pre-Owned BMW By Getting One At The Big Motoring World Group Limited.

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If buying a car is risky, then buying a pre-owned car is even riskier. There are certain unavoidable issues that may be attached to the car of your dreams and especially when that car is the BMW. You want to make sure those issues that are preventable are avoided. That is where Big Motoring World Group Limited comes in.

This award-winning group is the largest independent used BMW car dealer in all of the United Kingdom. Boasting of over 20 years of reliable and distinguished work, the Big Motoring World Group has set itself as a leader, growing from just a single lot with 20 cars to five lots with over 1200 BMWs among other car models.

Along with its years of experience, the group prides itself in maintaining the performance and efficiency of all the BMWs that are in its showrooms and dealerships. The Big Motoring World Prestige, for instance, carries prestige BMWs that are design for style and high caliber performance. Therefore, it has an onsite service centre that ensures every trade-in receives a thorough check before putting it up on sale.

The Big Motoring World Canterbury site is the more family friendly option and the people at BMW Group understand the importance of safety and efficiency for your family car. Along with the onsite servicing and technical team, the group has a full car servicing and MOT testing centre at the Big Motoring World Snodland site. Here you will find state of the art car diagnostic tools and highly trained and experienced staff that ensure the safety and performance of every vehicle put up for sale.

As an MOT testing center, each car over 3 years stocked by the group undergoes the 200 point safety and performance check every year and you can check for the certification yourself as you go over to get your BMW.

While the mechanical issues arising from buying a used car are inevitable, with the BMW Group Limited, there is a great reduction to these challenges because all the cars here fall in the category of certified pre-owned BMWs. Further, the sales team at the dealerships is quite experienced with BMWs and can help you select a car that would be perfect for your needs even with these inevitable deficiencies.

Along with all these assurances, we have saved the best for last. Being an authorized BMW dealer, the Group offers a limited manufacturer-certified warranty. This should give you some peace of mind knowing that major issues regarding engine parts and transmissions are under cover of the warranty at no cost to yourself.

The Group has a reputation in dealing with genuine BMW parts and recently it has started a 24-hour repair service at its Snodland centre. This service comes with a replacement vehicle, which the centre delivers and collects regardless of where you are in the country.

So these people just don’t guarantee you a good BMW at the point of sale but make sure it remains that way for as long as possible. With such a reputation of excellence, there is no other place to get a great pre-owned BMW than at the Big Motoring World Group Limited.

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