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When the time comes to service your BMW, you need to go to a professional where you can get excellent service at an affordable rate. If you are in or around the Kent area then the Big Motoring World Snodland service centre is exactly where you need to head to.

The BMW Group prides itself in being able to bring down the purchasing price of a car to less than half while maintaining it power and performance which is done at the Big Motoring World Snodland service centre. This service centre maintains its own used cars while providing regular car servicing for BMW owners in the area. The technicians and equipment are just as advanced as the main car dealers and servicing garages around, which when added to the centre’s long experience with BMWs, makes the service high quality and more than satisfactory.

While an overall service is definitely good for your vehicle, it may be important to run a diagnostics test especially if you are having a problem with your car that is not easily identifiable. The service centre has state-of-the-art car diagnostics option which can be run as part of servicing as per your request. That way, problems can be identified prior to doing the full car servicing so that you can drive away confident while saving time and money on having to find your mechanic later on.

That being said, the car servicing program includes, among others:

  • Oil service

The available range of original BMW oil filters ensures that the centre will have one suited perfectly for your engine. It also uses the original BMW engine oil whose high quality ensures that your BMW will be fuel-efficient and you won’t have to come in for another service for quite a while. As part of the oil service, your micro-filters will also be replaced which is music to the ears of those with young children and allergies.

  • Battery replacement

You can have your battery replaced to ensure that you can run the functions that depend on the battery efficiently. The batteries used are original BMW so they will provide prime performance even in extreme temperatures.

  • Brake pads and discs replacement

We’ve all heard multiple stories of accidents caused by brakes that failed. Don’t add to the statistics. You can have your brake pads and brake discs replaced to ensure optimal functioning of your Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) as well as your Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system.

  • Tire replacement

While the wheel is off for your brake disc assessment and replacement, you can have your tires replaced. These guys have BMW-approved tires that provide the characteristic performance and stability for your BMW. You can ask for the BMW run-flat tires that allow you to keep driving with a puncture. Your tire pressure monitor will inform you of the puncture so that you can reduce your speed and get safely to a place where you can have it replaced. This is great for preventing accidents and for personal safety especially at night.

There is so much more that the Big Motoring World Snodland service centre has to offer so you should pay it a visit next time your BMW is due for service.

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