BMW Shopping Tips: A Quick and Easy Guide to Buying a Good Quality and Affordable Pre-Owned BMW

3BMWs are beautiful machines! No wonder this car is placed among the top luxury cars not just in its native Germany but anywhere in the world. Everyone would love to own a BMW car for its signature high quality performance, reliability and stability on the road and of course, the prestige associated with the brand. That is why you should be careful when buying a pre-owned BMW. Some unscrupulous dealers may take advantage of your love for this German beauty to stick you with a dud, and that would certainly not be good.

So how can you avoid this? Here are some quick and easy steps you can follow to get value for your money with that BMW purchase.

  1. Choose a car

Research the models and years of various BMW cars that you may be interested in and narrow down to about three of the best in terms of cost and your needs. This is helpful is keeping you from getting confused by the many options available. You can go online for this or if you are in Kent, go down to any of the Big Motoring World dealerships. The staff has great experience and can be able to advise you on the best model for you.

  1. Choose a dealership

It is advisable to choose a car dealership that is within your locality for purpose of convenience and familiarity. Not the bad kind that breeds contempt but the good kind that could get you a ‘neighborly’ deal.

The Big Motoring World Group for instance has several dealerships spread across Kent that are accessible from the entire South East area. So if you live in or around that area you can check out Big Motoring World Snodland, Big Motoring World Addington, Big Motoring World Prestige or Big Motoring World Canterbury.

  1. Check the Body

Look out for clear signs of damage and inconsistencies in the paneling and paint. These could tell you the truth about how old the car really is or how much damage it has had in the past. Make sure the tires are not worn out as well, they should be in good condition: good tread and no baldness.

  1. Check under the hood

Here you might need an experienced mechanic to assist you in making a choice. Look out for tell-tale signs of oil leaks and check the hoses and belts to make sure they are alright. The Big Motoring World Group has a state-of-the-art car diagnostic tool and great technicians that ensure all its cars are running excellently. That being said, the dealership welcomes independent mechanics to ensure that its customers are comfortable with their purchases.

  1. Check the documentation

Make sure you have a clear history of the car and that the VIN number on the car matched the number on the document. Ask for a full service history as well to ascertain the true condition of the car based on the previous owner’s maintenance routine.

  1. Negotiate

Once you have the car you want, try to bring the salesperson down from the asking price. They usually have a little wiggle room that can save you some money. Remember it isn’t true that the cheapest car is the best car: find the balance between price and performance that is comfortable for you.

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