Big Motoring World – Practical Tips for Buying a Pre-Owned BMW

Big Motoring World – Practical Tips for Buying a Pre-Owned BMW


Buying a pre-owned car has a lot of advantages. Topping the list is the fact that it saves you money – lots of it. Pre-owned cars available for purchase have different values with used BMWs being among pre-owned cars with a high value. Are you considering buying a pre-owned BMW at a dealer such as Big Motoring World? If so, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Conduct research: To determine the best model and year for you, make sure that you conduct adequate research before you embark on the process of buying a pre-owned BMW. It is important that you determine which models and years have the best values when bought second hand. Get a good idea of the going price for the year and model you want to buy. This ensures that you get value for money when you pay for the car.
  • Identify a good car: Identifying a BMW model that you are interested in should not be difficult as there are plenty of used BMWs for sale. However, it is imperative that you purchase the car from a reputable source. Generally, you have the best chance in finding a used car dealer that specializes in BMWs. If you reside in the UK, your best bet is likely Big Motoring World in Kent; it has a sizable collection of great quality pre-owned BMWs that you can select from. You may want to buy a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) BMW. Sure, you may pay a little more for the CPO BMW; however, isn’t the extra peace of mind and warranty worth it?
  • Obtain as much information about the car as you can: You want to look into the car’s history before you commit to purchasing a pre-owned BMW. You can start by finding out from the seller all he knows about the vehicle. This includes the reason for selling the car, if the vehicle has ever sustained damage, any information on previous owners and how long he has had the vehicle. Naturally, you will not simply take the seller’s word as gospel truth. Websites exist that you can use to obtain the car’s history. Make good use of them.
  • Give the car a thorough check: Before you buy the car, at least make sure that you go over the car in extensive detail. It may be a good idea to have a mechanic review the car for you. Inasmuch as a good mechanic’s review will not come cheap, it might well save you a huge wad of money if it keeps you from buying a dud. Moreover, be sure to take the car for a test drive; never buy a car without having testing driven it.
  • Negotiate a good price: You can be pretty certain that when you buy a pre-owned BMW, the seller will ask for a price higher than what he really anticipates to get. In almost all cases, you can get a better deal by simply asking for it. Always try to negotiate a better price.

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