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Many drivers lose lots of money through fuel. Usually, they do not even realize the subtle ways in which this happens. To prevent this, here is a checklist that you could use the next time you get on the road:

1. Choose the right fuel: Premium and high-octane fuel contains advanced detergents that keep the engine cleaner. This improves the fuel economy. However, it does not have much effect if it is not what the manufacturer has recommended.

  • Do not use regular grade if your car has a rating for premium grade because this will slow down the performance of your car.
  • Whenever you hear knocking sounds in the engine, change to a higher grade of fuel.
  • Buy fuel from a trustworthy retailer to reap the best benefits.

2. Check your tires regularly: Tires not inflated to the recommended level waste fuel.  They run hotter and offer increased rolling resistance.

  • As a result, it takes a huge amount of energy to move your car along the road.  This makes the engine work harder.
  • Did you know that fuel consumption increases by 1% for every 5% that a car’s tires are underinflated? It also increases tire wear.
  •  Avoid cheap tires. Eco friendly tires are more expensive but their rubber has lower rolling resistance. This can increase your fuel savings to about 5%.

 3. Check your shoes: Flat shoes and those with a thin sole allow the driver to have better command over the accelerator.

  • Shoes with a high heel or those with a heavy sole do not allow you to break gently.
  • Smooth acceleration, steering, and braking ensure that the energy lost through suspension movement is lower.

 4. Use the right gear: Use the highest gear for a manual transmission. Avoid using the ‘sport’ button in your automatic transmission.

  • It uses more fuel because it holds the transmission in lower gears for longer.

5. Check your speed: When you drive fast, the drag on your car increases as well as the fuel consumption

6. Check your engine: Turn your engine off whenever you find yourself in heavy traffic. Also, avoid keeping the engine on when the car is in parking or ‘warming up’ the engine before driving on a cold day.

  • Not only does this waste fuel, it damages the engine.  Check the oil regularly at a reputable car service centre such as Big Motoring World.
  • The technician will let you know the best oil for your engine as recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

7. Check the Air-con: The air conditioning draws a lot from the car’s battery. The engine, in turn, charges the battery. The air con can increase fuel consumption by 20%.

  • Open your windows when it is hot.  However, don’t keep them open all the time as this will increase aerodynamic drag, which wastes more fuel.

8. Check your weight: Do you have excess weight in your car? Remove heavy items from your boot before driving. Remove roof racks when they are not in use so that you can reduce wind resistance.

9. Service your car regularly: A well maintained car will have its parts functioning at optimal performance.

  • When you keep having car trouble, chances are that your car parts are not firing on all cylinders. This increases your fuel use.
  • You can have this done at one of the Big Motoring World dealerships. Big Motoring World Snodland centre has cutting edge car service and MOT testing centre.
  • Big Motoring World Canterbury and Big Motoring World Prestige dealerships have the latest car models at affordable prices.
  • You can get more advice on how to save on fuel without decreasing your car’s performance by consulting with the Big Motoring World technicians. Your car will reward you.

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